Who is "The Sage Shamrock"?

One of our goals for 2022 was to start a blog; a place to allow you to see a little more of the life we live and who we are as people. While this is a little out of our comfort zone, we've learned that in order to keep moving forward, it's important to get uncomfortable, so here goes nothing. We're so glad you're here to join us on this adventure.

How did The Sage Shamrock Begin?

Well, like most, we found ourselves in the middle of the pandemic, bored. I (Kyleigh), was teaching from home while Matt would continue to go to work daily. I did a lot of reorganizing in our home, watched a LOT of Netflix, and spent way too much time on Pinterest. Nothing too productive. It was the beginning of May when Matt and I discussed needing gifts for our moms for Mother's Day. My mom typically receives a massage or a gift card to get her nails done. Well, in 2020, neither of those were options as both of those places had closed. We decided to be creative and 'make' their gifts. I had saved a few pins on Pinterest of different projects we could create. We began by heading to Menards and spending way too much money to make a simple project. I was SO proud of the door hanger Matt and I created that I posted it to my Snapchat story. Looking back at the door hanger now, I'm slightly embarrassed I was proud of it at one point. My Snapchat had several responses asking if I could create a similar door hanger for other people. I was shocked at the response, but excited that I would have something to do in the days to come. I posted it to Facebook and was again surprised to find that people loved the work I was doing and continued to take more orders. As the school year came to a close in 2020, I spent the summer babysitting and working on more door hangers, as well as other products I thought people might like. Instead of flooding my own Facebook feed with them, I created a business page called The Sage Shamrock and the rest is truly history. I had no idea that I loved to be creative until I was stuck at home and no other options. It is definitely something I like to refer to as "beauty in the struggle". Had the pandemic not hit in the spring of 2020, I definitely would not be where I am today doing what I absolutely love to do.

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